Cairns Simulated Driving, Driving School with a Safe Environment

Imagine if there was a driving school that could avoid the danger and most of the stress of learning to drive. This is now possible with Cairns Simulated Driving! We are a driving school that provide an advanced vehicle simulation service to the public, corporate employees, community service programs, driver training schools and more. Our service puts you behind the wheel to tackle virtual Australian road conditions in a safe but realistic manner.

Cairns Driving Simulator

Whether you’re at the beginning of your driver journey seeking your Learner’s licence, or you’re an experienced driver who wants to brush up on your defensive driving skills, we can cater to your needs.

Our driver simulation equipment and programs have been developed by professionals in the field, ensuring that they meet all the requirements of drivers, as well as the expectations of instructors. This innovative form of training has been used by professional drivers, pilots (both airline and fighter) and even NASA as part of their methods for training drivers, pilots and astronauts.

Services We Offer

We offer a number of driving simulation services, such as:

Learner Driver Training

Gain the skills needed to become a safe, successful driver in a risk-free environment. Learn the basics and more advanced techniques and let the data guide you to success.

Advanced Driving Skills

Whether you’re switching from an auto to a manual, want to improve your general driving skills, want to learn how to drive a modified vehicle or something else, we can personalise your simulation to achieve your goals.

Defensive Driving

Learn how to drive in adverse conditions in a way that won’t cause you harm. This is a great tool, as there’s no ethical way to effectively learn defensive driving outside of a simulation.

Rehabilitative Driving

if you’re experiencing trepidation after an accident or traffic incident or you’re suffering from driving anxiety at any level, let us help you overcome this fear in a safe, welcoming and educational setting.

Whatever your needs, contact us now for more information or to book one of our affordable simulated driving sessions.

Simulator Driver Training

The range of different training scenarios are many and your trainer is always close at hand to help out when needed. The simulators we use have hyper-realistic imagery and top-of-the-line driving controls that can be used in a multitude of driving conditions.

They have a realistic driver’s cockpit with adjustable seating, dynamic feedback driving controls, simulated mirrors, three plasma displays, 200-degree horizontal view and surround sound. This gives you the most realistic driving experience without having to actually drive and it’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly and completely safe!

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