Cairns Simulated Driving

Simulated driving offers so many benefits to learner drivers. Students are able to practice their driving skills from beginner to advanced in a totally safe environment with no risk of harm, damage or consequence. The instructor can easily supervise learner students as they experience a vast array of training situations, conditions and hazards that will prepare them for driving on real roads. It’s a fantastic method for building confidence in nervous students too.

This is an ideal method of teaching learners the scanning and hazard perception skills, as well as defensive driving skills -even if they don’t have access to a car yet. That’s because experiences that are unlikely to occur during traditional driver training can be simulated with our system, making students ready for any situation. Any scenario that a learner may be having difficulty with can be repeated until they achieve it, which is another factor that can be difficult to accomplish during traditional driver training.

Our simulation system monitors and logs your individual performance during training, which means you’re able to work on improving weaknesses and honing strengths. The simulations include all conditions, such as night driving, wet weather driving, country, city and more.

1 Hour Lesson

Gift Voucher

Give the gift of choice with a Cairns Simulated Driving gift voucher, the perfect present to show your loved ones you care. All lessons are provided and supervised by a licensed Queensland transport driving instructor.