Services We Offer

You might be surprised at how many different ways our simulated driving program can be used. These include:

For Learners

Simulated driving offers so many benefits to learner drivers. Students are able to practice their driving skills from beginner to advanced in a totally safe environment with no risk of harm, damage or consequence. The instructor can easily supervise learner students as they experience a vast array of training situations, conditions and hazards that will prepare them for driving on real roads. It’s a fantastic method for building confidence in nervous students too.

This is an ideal method of teaching learners the scanning and hazard perception skills, as well as defensive driving skills -even if they don’t have access to a car yet. That’s because experiences that are unlikely to occur during traditional driver training can be simulated with our system, making students ready for any situation. Any scenario that a learner may be having difficulty with can be repeated until they achieve it, which is another factor that can be difficult to accomplish during traditional driver training.

Our simulation system monitors and logs your individual performance during training, which means you’re able to work on improving weaknesses and honing strengths. The simulations include all conditions, such as night driving, wet weather driving, country, city and more.

Simulator training has been shown to prepare students faster and can reduce the rate of novice driver accidents. When used in combination with traditional driving lessons, there’s simply no better method of learning!

Advanced and Defensive Driving

Whether you’re on your Red P’s or you’ve been driving for many years, driving simulation is a great way of learning new skills or sharpening those you already have. It’s never too late to improve your driving skills or learn new ones, such as driving a manual vehicle if you’ve always driven autos.

Defensive driving is paramount in this day and age where the roads are so crowded. In Far North Queensland in particular, the ability to drive in a way that’s suitable to the conditions is vital for surviving an incident on the roads. With driving simulation, difficult driving scenarios under various conditions can be practised and repeated until your defensive driving skills become second nature. This will also build your confidence if you aren’t used to driving in heavy traffic or similar. All our sessions are supervised by an experienced driver trainer who can guide you on the best techniques for driving defensively and safely.

Rehabilitative Driving

If you’re having difficulties getting back behind the wheel after an accident or scare, our rehabilitative driving program will give you the confidence and the skills needed for a positive future driving experience.

We cater the program to your needs and you can progress as slow or as fast as you’d like in order for you to feel comfortable. Because simulated driving is completely safe and consequence-free, you’ll be able to regain your confidence in driving in a relaxed, anxiety-free setting. In fact, you might even have fun!

Rehabilitative driving is also a great idea for drivers who have special driving requirements that could be difficult to learn in the field. It can be daunting to get out on the road with a wheelchair converted car or mobility adapted vehicle for the first time, but simulated driving can help you feel more confident.